16.08 Green Button Overshirt


If you’re wondering if you need another overshirt, the answer is most likely yes. This green-colored overshirt is completely hip and can be combined with a shirt or hoodie, for example. With the added elements on the chest pocket and the patch on the upper arm, it just about completes your look. Just don’t forget to wear pants underneath ;).

  • Donovan’s height is 1.84m and he is wearing size Medium.

Lengte                                 KG                 Maat

  • 165cm – 180cm             <70kg             XS
  • 175cm – 185cm          75-80kg             S
  • 180cm – 190cm          80-90kg             M
  • 185cm – 195cm          85-95kg             L
  • 190cm – 200cm        90-100kg            XL


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